The College owns or has access to numerous research resources of interest to Psychology students and faculty. Information about the behavioural laboratories can be found here; scheduling other rooms for research purposes can be done through the Yale-NUS facilities booking system.


  • The Major’s Behavioral Labs are equipped with an array of equipment, some of which can be checked out by students and faculty. For more information on items that are loanable, see below.


  • Qualtrics – An online survey platform to which Yale-NUS has a subscription; here are instructions for setting up and using an account.
  • SONA – A research participant management system. More information can be found on the Participants page.
  • Zotero – A web-based and standalone application for citation and article management.


Items Available for Loan

2 Laptops (and chargers)
10 Headphones
2 Thumb drives
4 Mouse-pads
Multiple Software Installation CDs – Windows 8.1 Recovery Media OS, Dell Resource Media, Dell Webcam OS, Windows 7 64-Bit
2 SSD cards
4 External DVD and USB writers
4 Keyboards

Booking Guidelines

1.The equipment is available for loan by psychology faculty members, psychology majors, minors, as well as students enrolled in psychology courses (e.g., psychology lab courses or research methods and statistics for psychology [YSS2216]).

2.The equipment to be loaned must be used only for the purpose of research (e.g., data collection).

3.Equipment must be borrowed under the supervision of the lab manager and/or a Psychology Professor.

4.All equipment can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks at a time, and must be returned at the end of that period.

5.Equipment needed for longer than two weeks must be re-borrowed at the end of the two weeks (under the supervision of the lab manager).

6.Please return the equipment in the original condition they were borrowed. For laptops, please erase any data stored in the laptops prior to returning them to the lab.

7.If the equipment is found to be damaged upon return, the borrower may be asked to pay for the replacement (or repairing) cost.

8.Students or faculty members borrowing equipment must sign the booking form put up in the labs.

9.Priority of booking will be given to psychology faculty members and senior capstone students.

How to Book

To borrow equipment from the lab, please email our Student Associate and Lab Manager, Yoon Thiri ( with your request (clearly stating the equipment you need and the duration of time you need it for). The lab manager will then arrange a time at which you can head down to one of the labs to collect the equipment and sign the above mentioned form.