Courses for AY 2020-2021

This page lists the courses in the Psychology major planned for the current academic year. (So note that they may change!) For more details on each course, please see the full list of Psychology courses.

Colour key:
Pre-requisite for Psychology Major
Capstone (required for major only)
Core psychology course: Highly recommended for those interested in a practitioners Master’s degree (e.g. clinical psychology, educational psychology).* 

Semester 1
YSS2201, Introduction to Psychology*, Liu 

YSS2216, Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology, Yip

YSS3214, Abnormal Psychology, Keng

YSS3279, Lab in Social Psychology, O’Keefe

YSS4202, Goals and Motivation, O’Keefe
YSS4206C, Topics in Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness, Yip
YSS4240, Advanced Clinical Psychology, Keng
YSS4102, Psychology Capstone Project

Semester 2
YSS2201, Introduction to Psychology*, Liu
YSS2216, Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology, Prasad 
YSS3215, Cognitive Psychology, Asplund
YSS3203, Behavioural Economics, Zhang (cross-listed from Economics)
YSS3235, Animal Behavior, Pohl (cross-listed from Life Sciences)
YSS3263, Emotions and Politics, Tarnopolsky (cross-listed from PPE)
YSS3278, Social Psychology, O’Keefe
YSS3279, Lab in Social Psychology, O’Keefe
YSS3317, Adolescent Development, Lee
YSS4261, Psychological Anthropology, Lau (cross-listed from Anthropology)
YSS4263, Psychological Therapies, Pooh
YSS4264, Psychology of Social Conformity, Kim
YSS4102, Psychology Capstone Project


*It’s wise to: Take a course in each of the core psychology areas (social, developmental, abnormal, cognitive, and biological). Take more psychology courses than the major requires (>6 electives).

*Introduction to Psychology was previously named Understanding Behaviour and Cognition.