Courses for AY 2018-2019

This page lists the courses in the Psychology major that are planned for the next academic year. (So note that they may change!) For more details on each course, please see the full list of Psychology courses.

Colour key: foundational course (required for major and minor); laboratory course; capstone (required for major only); elective

Semester 1
YSS2201, Understanding Behaviour and Cognition* (2 sections), Liu
YSS2216, Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology, Keng
YSC2231, Foundations of Neuroscience, Mathuru (cross-listed from Life Sciences)
YSS3219, Developmental Psychology, Cheung
YSS3203, Behavioral Economics, Riambau (cross-listed from Economics)
YSS3263, Emotions and Politics, Tarnopolsky (cross-listed from PPE)
YSS4202, Goals & Motivation, O’Keefe
YSS4240, Advanced Clinical Psychology, Keng
YSS4102, Psychology Capstone Project

Semester 2
YSS2201, Intro to Psychology (2 sections), Cheung
YSS2216, Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology, Yip

YSS3252, Lab in Applying Psychology to Public Policy, Liu
YSS3216, Cognitive Psychology, Asplund
YSS3—, Organizational Psychology, Yip
YSS4206A, Topics in Psychology: Moral Judgements, Powell
YSS4206B, Topics in Psychology: Love in An Age of Technology, Liu
YSS4102, Psychology Capstone Project

*Understanding Behaviour and Cognition will be renamed Introduction to Psychology beginning August 2020