All psychology courses

This page lists each of the courses in the Psychology major, when it was offered, and its  instructor(s).


YSS2201, Introduction to Psychology* 20-21 S1 Liu
19-20 S2 Asplund
19-20 S1 Cheung
18-19 S2 Cheung
18-19 S1 Liu
17-18 S2 Liu
17-18 S1 Asplund
16-17 S2 Liu
16-17 S1 Asplund
15-16 S2 Liu
15-16 S1 Asplund & Bishop
14-15 S2 Asplund
14-15 S1 Asplund & Bishop
YSS2216, Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology 20-21 S1 Yip
19-20 S2 Yip
19-20 S1 Keng
18-19 S2 Yip
18-19 S1 Keng
17-18 S1 Keng
16-17 S1 Lemm
15-16 S1 Bishop
14-15 S2 Bishop


3000-level lab courses
YSS3279, Lab in Social Psychology 20-21 S1 O’Keefe
19-20 S2 O’Keefe
15-16 S2 O’Keefe
YSS3252, Lab in Applying Psychology to Public Policy 18-19 S2 Liu
16-17 S2 Liu
YSS3267, Lab in Cognitive Psychology 17-18 S2 Asplund


3000-level non-lab courses
YSS3278, Social Psychology 17-18 S2 O’Keefe
15-16 S1 O’Keefe
14-15 S2 O’Keefe & Liu
YSS3214, Abnormal Psychology 20-21 S1 Keng
19-20 S1 Keng
17-18 S2 Keng
15-16 S2 Keng
YSS3215, Cognitive Psychology 18-19 S2 Asplund
16-17 S2 Asplund
15-16 S1 Asplund
YSS3219, Developmental Psychology 18-19 S1 Cheung
17-18 S1 Cheung
16-17 S1 Powell
15-16 S1 Powell
YSS3228, Health Psychology 15-16 S2 Bishop
16-17 S2 Bishop
YSS3249, Human Neuroscience 19-20 S1 Asplund
16-17 S2 Asplund
YSS3259, The Human Condition: Psychology & Health in Literature 17-18 S1 Ickovics
YSS3260, Community Health Assessment and Improvement 17-18 S1 Ickovics
YSS3266, Social and Behavioural Foundations of Health 17-18 S2 Ickovics
YSS3285, Organisational Psychology 18-19 S2 Yip
YSS3298: The Mental Lives of Infants and Animals 19-20 Wynn


Courses cross-listed from other majors
YSC2231, Foundations of Neuroscience (Life Sciences) 18-19 S1 Mathuru
YSS3203, Behavioral Economics (Economics) 17-18 S1 Riambau-Armet
16-17 S1 Riambau-Armet
15-16 S1 Riambau-Armet
YSC3235, Animal Behaviour (Life Sciences) 18-19 S2 Johns
17-18 S1 Johns
YSS3263, Emotions and Politics (PPE) 18-19 S1 Tarnopolsky
17-18 S2 Tarnopolsky
4000-level courses
YSS4201, Psychology Capstone Course Capstone page
YSS4202, Goals and Motivation 20-21 S1 O’Keefe
15-16 S2 O’Keefe
YSS4206A, Topics in Psychology: Moral Judgements 18-19 S2 Powell
16-17 S2 Powell
YSS4206B, Topics in Psychology: Love in An Age of Technology 18-19 S2 Liu
YSS4212, Advanced Seminar in Social Cognition 16-17 S2 Lemm
YSS4214, The Psychology of Stress and Coping 16-17 S2 Bishop
YSS4221, Moral Development 17-18 S1 Powell
YSS4230, Psychology of Mindfulness 17-18 S2 Keng
YSS4231, Parenting and Child Development 17-18 S2 Cheung
YSS4240, Advanced Clinical Psychology 20-21 S1 Keng
18-19 S1 Keng
YSS4206C, Topics in Psychology: The Pursuit of Happiness 20-21 S1 Yip
19-20 S1 Yip
YSS4255: The Origins of Morality and Bigotry 19-20 S2 Wynn

*Introduction to Psychology was previously named Understanding Behaviour and Cognition