The Ubiquitous and Undermining Nature of Stigma on Healthcare Access

7 October 2019 (Mon), 12 PM
At Classroom 16

The stigma surrounding HIV related healthcare access is a major hurdle for sexual minorities and other marginalized groups. Overlooked in public health response, this contributes to the health disparities suffered by these groups. Associate Professor Lisa Eaton’s and Assistant Professor Ryan Watson’s research utilizes information from the USA National Data on LGBTQ+ teenagers and an Atlanta, Georgia-based sample of high-risk men to shed light on how stigma detrimentally impacts marginalized groups. Beyond stigma, they also consider the role of sexual orientation disclosure as barrier to HIV-related healthcare access.

In this talk, they will present their own research on the issue and also discuss how this research can be incorporated into public health policy in order to close the HIV related health disparities for historically marginalized communities.