Evolutionary Mismatch: Why Progress is Making Life More Difficul

19 November 2019 (Tue), 12-1 PM
At Classroom 15

Dr. Norman Li’s research focuses on mate selection and close relationships, and on problems at the individual, organizational, and societal level caused by the “mismatch” between evolved psychological mechanisms and modern living, social, and work environments.

Living standards in modern societies are at historically unprecedented high levels and people are living longer, safer, and freer lives than ever. Yet, ironically, modern people seem to be experiencing more psychological issues than ever before: increased chronic stress, anxiety, and depression; more dissatisfaction with self and romantic partners; greater proneness to divorce; and greater stress and burnout in the workplace. Problems also abound at the organizational and societal levels. Here, an evolutionary mismatch perspective is introduced as a framework through which to view and examine modern problems.